"Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to Andra and another woman (I didn't catch her name on the voicemail) as well as the delivery driver.

Andra was so lovely and helpful on the phone. And even though my husband signed the slip indicating the package could be left at the house, the driver knew of the recent increase in theft I'm our area and took the time to place the package in the most concealed area he could. After that, I received 2 separate calls letting me know not only the pkg was delivered but that they had gone the extra mile to keep it safe.

Just wanted to let you know you have some fabulous people working for you!"

- Gen

"I just had this amazing woman Char come to my door, carrying a 40lb box, up a set of stairs, with a mask on, like it was a jug of milk. She's so positive, happy and a joy to open the door to. Also, she alerted me of the weight of the box, not to hurt myself. Who does this? like actually who gives a hoot after the box lands on door step? thank you for hiring a great employee"

- Iris