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1. Where do you ship?

We ships throughout Thompson Nicola, Okanagan, and the Kootenay's. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-833-256-2547 for more information or get a quote online here. Check back often as we are constantly growing!

2. Where is my package?

If it is an Alopex Package, please use to find updates about the location of your package(s). If your shipment is with another courier (UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada post etc.), please use their web trackers. 

3. My package says it has been delivered but I have not received it what do I do?

We advise you to check your back door, garage, etc., the driver may have placed the item out of sight to prevent theft. If you are unable to locate the item or have any concerns, please call us at 1-833-256-2547 for support. 

4. I don’t know my tracking number; how do I get it / what is my tracking number?

Check through your email (including the spam or junk mail) for a tracking number from your shipper. If you still can not locate your tracking number we recommend calling your shipper and getting that information. (The shipper would be the retailer who sold the item, or the person who purchased the service)

5. The driver can’t find my address, what do I do?

Please give us a call if our drivers can not find your address 1-833-256-2547. We will double check your address with you as it may be incorrect or be incomplete. To make it easier on our drivers and insure you get your package, please make sure your street number is clearly lit and visible from the street. We may ask you to provide landmark directions, or a latitude/longitude from google maps, if you are in a remote location and or have an unmarked address.

6. Can you hold my package/ alternate delivery?

Yes for Alopex parcels. However, if your parcel is through another courier (UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Canada post etc.) please contact them directly to request changes.  

*Please note that we cannot represent the companies we are contracted by. We will do our best to help however sometimes things are beyond what we are contractually capable of and we will direct you to the appropriate source*

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