Where is my parcel? 

Please check your tracking number for updates. If your parcel hasn't arrived when expected and you do NOT have a tracking number please contact the shipper for more information. 

My tracking says my parcel has arrived in my town, but now says delayed. When can I expect delivery? 

While your parcel may be delayed for any number of reasons, please know that once in our hands we will attempt delivery asap. If we have any trouble we will do our best to contact you to arrange delivery. For more UPS tracking information visit the help and support page on UPS.com 

Can I make other arrangements for delivery if I won't be home? 

Of course! If your parcel is UPS its easy to make different arrangements through MyChoice. Its a free, easy service that UPS provides. Once changes have been made we get a notification and we will follow the instruction provided by you. 

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